Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a competition?

Check out our How 2 guide for information on how to set up your competition. If anything is not clear or you need more info, get in contact.

Can I change the competition details once the competition has started.

Unfortunately once the competition has started you are unable to edit it.

I want to ask you a question, am I allowed?

You are allowed. Contact us here.

What payment options do you accept?

We only accept payment via Pay Pal at the moment. If you would like to pay via an alternative method, please contact us.

Can I run a simple ‘Re-tweet to win’ competition.

Yes simply score re-tweets as 10 and the other options as 0. This way only re-tweets will be scored.

May I suggest an improvement?

Go for it! We would love to hear your ideas. Send us an email here.

Can tweet-a-lot be customized?

Yes, we are able to customize the app to your needs. We can change the branding, URL, scoreboard, auto follow account and much more so get in contact and we can look at what we can offer you.

I want to project the scoreboard at an event, is that possible?

Absolutely, you can project the scoreboard easily by hooking up your computer to your live competition page. You can test out tweet-a-lot using our live demo. We also offer a projecting/broadcasting service if you would like us to handle everything at your event. Just drop us an email with your requirements.