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Getting people to tweet about your brand is hard

People are very competitive.
Bringing the two together #tweet-a-lot can generate thousands of tweets about your brand in a cost-effective, genuine and spam free way.

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Step One

Start a twitter contest with your brands #hashtag, tell your followers about it.

Step Two

Users tweet with your #hashtag, they are rewarded with points and shown contest leader board.

Step Three

Users compete to get to the top of the leader board and win the contest! Get the prize!

Step Winning!

Your brand gets promoted to everyone who plays and all their followers. Winning!

Automatic player discovery

Players join the contest automatically. No need to register, they just post a tweet and they are part of the contest.

Nothing to install

There is nothing to install. Nothing to register. Just use your twitter #hashtag and you can start a contest.

Easy to use

Are you an event promoter? manager? marketer? a humble user? Anyone can sign up and use the #tweet-a-lot service.

Live streaming

Watch your contest twitter feed in real time. Using a projector you can display the feed on a wall for everyone to see.


Dashboard full of statistics about the contest. How many players? How many retweets? What is the total coverage?

Live scoring

Players watch their scores update in real-time. Encourages competitive behaviour and you get more twitter posts!